The start of a journey in accounting

As a first year student I have so much to learn! I had enrolled with CQU through the Geraldton campus and was ready to start on the 6 March, I quickly realised I needed to begin term one a few weeks prior to that, with Martins’ Week minus 1 ready to go.

Yesterday was the official start date for Uni, although I’ve been working on this unit for two weeks, thank goodness. It was a public holiday so it gave me time to finalise my draft step 1 of assignment 1. It was great, I set up at our local beach and while the kids built sand castles I got stuck into this assignment. I found as I read Martin’s Introduction and Chapter 1 of the study guide, I reflected on my own experiences. I suppose this is a benefit of being a mature age student, haha. As this is my first time as a university student, in my first unit, I’d appreciate any feedback.

img_0297Updated version Final draft NNelson Ass1


9 thoughts on “The start of a journey in accounting

  1. Great work Nicole, I really enjoyed reading about your business experience and how you have linked these to the readings.
    I did pick up right at the beginning you wrote ‘set up set up’ I find this is something I do too and the computer finds it hard to pick up on this error. Not to mention picking up on the error yourself as you tend to read it how you intended it to be written and skim right over it.

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  2. Nicole, the great strength of your draft ASS#1 Step #1 is that you describe a key concept and then relate it to your prior knowledge and previous experience. You do this really well. To strengthen your ASS#1 Step#1 further, you could more carefully describe some of the key concepts in your own words, and then more tightly relate the concept to your prior knowledge and previous experience as you seek to express your understanding of that concept. Then tell me about your responses and reactions to this key concept: what do you agree or disagree with, and why? What do you find surprising, confusing, interesting or difficult to believe, and why? You are going to have a lot to contribute to our unit; and I look forward to working with you, as we together explore what is accounting, and in particular, whether or not we can use accounting to help us better engage with what is really going on in our business. Should be a fun ride! Martin

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