Rules of the Game

#ACCT11059 Step 6.


What a perfect week to explain the rules of the game. My last week has been full of end of season sports for my kids. We’ve had the School Surf Carnival, Inter school Swimming Carnival, Surf Club wind up, Basketball finals and tonight was the wind up with yours truly as their coach of Under 12 boys. It’s also the start of the AFL, I love watching this game, go the Eagles! My weekends will soon turn to the winter sport of soccer which means very early morning rises on a Sunday.

All these sports have rules, the rules are very clear and listed in the by laws which are balanced for offense and defense where an attacking style of game is encouraged. Accounting however is a little more sexy than that. It’s rules are best described as Fifty Shads of Grey and when more changes are made even the sequel would describe it as Fifty Shades Darker. Those sexy accountants do a great job ensuring firms adhere to producing financial statements which look amazing but also comply to the generally accepted accounting principles. I mean there has to be rules right, even Christian Grey agrees with us there.

I have learnt all about these rules and more thanks to Martin Turner. Below is my Draft Step 6 and I would appreciate your feedback on the form below.

Draft Assignment 1 Step 6

Feedback form



5 thoughts on “Rules of the Game

  1. Hi Nicole, I have provided feedback on your assignment, you can find it here:

    Love your photo! 🙂 I am not exactly a footy follower, coming from New Zealand I am definitely more into following rugby. However, I am in a house full of boys who now absolutely love the sport and are big Eagles fans, so I am an Eagles fan by association 🙂 (Did you go to the game in Geraldton? Bloody hot, but the boys loved it).

    Tash 🙂

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